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What it Looks Like in WordPress

Demonstration of how A/B Testing works in WordPress

Measure Conversions of Your Tests

With A/B Testing for WordPress you can serve multiple variants of content to your visitors. This allows you to track which version of your website will lead to more conversions.

A/B Testing for WordPress will serve either version of the test variants and measures the amount of visitors who reach the goal you setup. Let the plugin figure out which of the variants was most popular with your audience.

The test results of A/B Testing for WordPress will show you the statistical significance of your scores, so you know whether to be confident about the test results or not.

An overview of active tests

Preview Test Variation from Your Admin Bar

Demonstration of variation previewing from the admin bar

Integrates with Popular Plugins

Track the amount of sign ups your newsletter form generates or how many people engage with your contact forms. Create tests to optimise your site, and improve the use of these integrated plugins.

A/B Testing for WordPress integrates with WordPress plugins: Mailchimp for WordPress, HTML Forms, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Formidable, Ninja Forms, WPForms.

Integrations with A/B Testing for WordPress
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How does A/B Testing for WordPress measure tests?

When a visitor sees a test variant the visitor will be remembered as a participant of that variant. When the visitor visits the goal of the test, the visitor will also be counted as a conversion of the variant.

A/B Testing for WordPress will calculate the percentage of the participants who became conversions and determines a winning variant through these numbers.

You can setup pages, posts and outbound links as goals. A/B Testing for WordPress also integrates with popular plugins.

Does A/B Testing for WordPress affect SEO?

No. Only the control version of your test is shown to search engines and website caches. The variant which the visitor will see is replaced on the fly using JavaScript.

A/B Testing for WordPress does not treat a search engine any different from a human visitor.

Can I convert existing content into an A/B test?

Yes. Existing content blocks can be converted into A/B tests in the editor. You can find this options under "more options" of your blocks. It will take your block and wrap it in an A/B test and put a copy of the block in both variants.

Does A/B Testing for WordPress allow weight distribution?

Yes. You can change the amount of visitors which should see each variant.

How can I force a visitor to be placed in a variant of a test?

You can add conditions for variants. Visitors with your determined conditions in the URL will be placed in the test variant of your choice. Next time they visit the URL without the parameters, they will still be in the same variation of the test you placed them in.

What does A/B Testing for WordPress count as a goal?

You can pick a post, page, and outbound link as a goal to track. Counting custom post types as a conversion goal is not possible (yet).

A/B Testing for WordPress also integrates with popular plugins which can be setup as goals.

How Can I Add a Test to my Site?

You can enter tests right in the content of your pages and posts through the editor.

Or create a separate test which you can place anywhere on your site using a shortcode. Works with any template!