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A/B Testing for WordPress

Features so Far, and Planning Ahead

About two weeks ago the first version of A/B Testing for WordPress was released.

The response so far has been really good and I am looking forward to bringing the plugin to a higher level quickly.

The plugin is available for download on WordPress.org and can be found in the plugins directory.

Features so Far

Because the plugin is in a very early stage, the feature set might look a bit bare bones, but it’s already pretty powerful!

Create A/B (split) Tests in the Content Editor

The main feature of A/B Testing for WordPress right now is the ability to create tests right in the content editor of WordPress.

You can add a test, define the content of the variants in the test (A and B), and adjust the options, all in one place.

Safe for SEO

The standard, or control, variant of your test will always show to search engines and caching layers. This way the original content of your site will always stay the same for search engine and crawler bots.

Measure the Results

When visitors are presented with one of the variants they will partake in the test, once they visit (convert) the goal you want to measure they will end up in the “conversions” count.

You can see the winning variant as it has the highest percentage of conversions.

At the moment you can setup posts and pages as goals for a test.

Preview Variants on Your Site

You can preview the variants of a test on your website by toggling between variants in the “admin bar”.

WordPress adds a bar at the top of your website for easy access to admin functionality. Here you can switch between variants of a test to see the result it produces.

Declaring a Winner

When you feel like the test has had enough time and there is a clear winner, you can declare a winner by going to the test options in the content editor.

Pick a winner, and the contents of the variant will be “broken free” of the test. The test will also be removed from the page to make room for the winning variant.

Planning Ahead

There is a lot I want to include in the plugin, and that will take time to implement and develop. For now there is a rough plan for features which are most likely to be implemented first.

Split Testing Pages

When you do a split test, you might also want to test the complete content of a page. So you will be able to serve different landing pages to groups of people for instance.

Integrate with E-commerce

It would be valuable to be able to track what helps converting people to buy your products.

Think about optimising the sales and decrease cart abandonment through performing tests.

Variations based on segments

A feature which has been requested a few times is to have variants based on segments. Meaning you can show different variations of a test to people visiting from a certain location or using a certain device.

More variants than A and B

Right now, you can add A and B variants, but have more than two different variants would be cool too!

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, or if you have suggestions about features you miss / would like to see improved, do not hesitate to contact me through info@abtestingforwp.com.