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Form Plugin Integrations

The latest version (1.6.0) of A/B Testing for WordPress now supports choosing form actions as a goal to track!

Keep track of form submissions and see which variant of your content converts the most visitors to interact with your forms.

Track Sign Ups and Submissions

You can track form submissions and sign ups. This allows you to test which variant of your content drives the most visitors to engage with your forms.

Integrations so Far

As of now, A/B Testing for WordPress integrates with Mailchimp for WordPress, HTML Forms, and Contact Form 7.

More to Come

Other popular form plugins will be added soon. As their structure does not match A/B Testing for WordPress right now, it will need some more work to allow these plugins to be integrated.

Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, and Ninja Forms are planned to be implemented soon.

How to Use

Edit the page of the test you want to use with the integrated plugin.

In the test settings, under “Testing Goal”, select the plugin from the “Type” options dropdown.

Now pick the form you want to set a a goal.

Save / Update the post and you’re all set!

Update to Start Using

Update your installed version of A/B Testing for WordPress and start using these form integrations right now!